Discover Bandung with Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia


Welcome to Bandung. You will enjoy a showcase diversity of urban cultures mix with Sundanese art. Only 3 hours drive from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Bandung is a city which has many initiatives driven by the city’s young generation. Some part of Bandung has a strong colonial vibe, while pop cultures are raising.  Let’s explore Bandung today with Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur.

Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERAsia Africa Street - A different feel of Bandung
We invite you to stroll Jalan (Street) Asia Africa where the Dutch colonial building spreads and showcase the beauty. This street is famously by the history of Asia Africa conference which all leaders from Asia Africa country back in 1955 gathered to declare their unity. If you wish to learn more about the whole history, we suggest you go to Merdeka Building, which located in the heart of Asia Africa street. There's a tour guide inside the building which will explain to you about the Asia Africa conference in details.
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERCuanki Serayu
This time we would like to invite you to eat like locals. Try a local soup named Cuanki that contains tofu with starch, meatball, and crackers called "pangsit". The price is no more than $2 per bowl. We usually add ice tea for the beverage. The famous cuanki can be found at Jalan Serayu. Don't expect a fancy restaurant or something like that. The place is only a simple building made from woven bamboo. Cuanki is great as a snack during the day. You will not be able to enjoy it after office hour since they already sold out.
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERNu Art Sculpture Park
If you are an art fan, then you will enjoy your time at Nu Art Sculpture Park. This place has a spacious outdoor venue only a few minutes away from Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur. There are numerous statues on the outdoor area while other sculpture can be found at the gallery. Nu Art Gallery opens every day from 9 to 5 with admission fee no more than $5.
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERTebing Keraton
Have you seen a cloud so close to you or enjoy a beautiful sunrise up in the hill surrounded by tall green pine trees? if you haven't experienced it, then you might like to see how does it feel at Tebing Keraton. Tebing means slope in English, Keraton means Kingdom. Local people named it since they are stunned by the natural beauty and we believe you will have the same feeling as well. Catch the early sunrise every sunny day, take a moment to enjoy it and don't forget to take a picture for your Instagram photo of the day.
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERMountain View Golf course
Bandung is also renowned as a golf destination. With the cool air mountain breeze, the golfer will enjoy each meter they spend on the course. The nearest golf course with Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur is Mountain View Golf course. Located at Dago Pakar Area. The course has 18 holes with several challenging tee box. The fee on weekdays starts from Rp. 375,000 while during the weekends, it can go up more than 1 million.
Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur - Bandung, Indonesia
DISCOVERSaung Angklung Udjo
Saung Angklung Udjo is the most favorite tourist destination in Bandung. Here we could play Angklung, see the performance and dance. Angklung is a bamboo instrument originated from Sundanese land. It creates such harmony when it plays together at once. Angklung can play the local folk song until My heart will go on by Celine Dion. Saung Angklung Udjo charges us with reasonable price for a very epic performance. Saung Angklung Udjo opens every day from 3.30 PM until 5 PM.

Travel Information


Indonesia is the official language in Bandung and Indonesia. Daily, most of Bandung citizen speak Sundanese, a local traditional language. Our hotel employee is speaking English with a foreigner guest, a few staff can speak Japanese and Arabic. All major streets have signposts in Indonesia language but easy to understand because we use well-known street sign.

Many people in Bandung, especially young people, study English and welcome the opportunity to practice with foreigners. Do not be afraid to ask for directions in English from people on the street. They will end the conversation with a polite smile and a head nod as a sign of their courtesy.


There is a transport option connecting between Bandung and major cities in Indonesia. The bus terminals are located at Leuwi Panjang and Cicaheum.


There are daily flights between Bandung and major cities in Indonesia and South East Asia. Please check with your local airline for details. The airport in Bandung is Husein Sastranegara, the airport code is BDO. Only 15 minutes away from Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur.

There is a new airport connected to Bandung, named Kertajati. Airport code is KJT. The distance from the hotel is almost 3 hours’ drive


Indonesia Railway Company runs regular through-train between Jakarta to Bandung vice versa, every 1 or 2 hours. While the other schedule to the rest of Java is having a fixed time daily.


Currency in Bandung and Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR). Most hotels in Indonesia only accept IDR. Our suggestion is to go to moneychanger nearby and have a few IDR for your daily purpose while in Bandung. Not all places accept credit card.

Electricity socket

In Indonesia, the power plugs and sockets are of type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz

Tipping information

Tipping is not common in Indonesia (no written rules about this). However, if you would like to give the tip, the rate of tipping usually depends on the place and the job.

Immigration Office

Kantor imigrasi kelas 1 Bandung is located at Jl. Surapati No.82, Cihaur Geulis, Kec. Cibeunying Kaler, Kota Bandung. Click here to see the route map

Nearby banks and money changer

  • BCA Bank at Bandung Trade Center
  • Bank Mandiri at jl. Dr. Djunjunan 155
  • Bank Jabar Banten Jl. Dr. Djunjunan 76
  • Golden Money Changer Jl. Ir Juanda 89

Shopping Malls or Shopping Arcade

  • Paris Van Java
  • 23 Paskal 
  • Bandung Trade Center
  • Istana Plaza


  • Hermina Mother & Kids Hospital
  • Hasan Sadikin  General Hospital
  • Cicendo Eyes Hospital
  • Santo Boromeus General Hospital
  • Santosa General Hospital